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The 7 Day Challenge, What Is The ROI In Being On The First Page Of Google

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I started this mission two weeks ago to prove the ROI of SEO.

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SEO for attorneys I started this mission two weeks ago to prove the ROI of SEO.  I wanted to finally be able to answer the common question ”What is the value of being on the the first page of google and is paying for an SEO program worth it.” and not just with some late kicked out info graphics that every sale person is out there showing off, half not knowing what it even means. I wanted to provide the most realistic possible ROI and that is in return on investment of my own time and the profit of my own wallet. Don’t get me wrong of course I also wanted to   Prove, once again, That I can do the impossible. again can I get a site that has been sitting in 66th place for months ranked in 7 days? at the time I really didn’t know. But as much as I wanted to show off, and a much as I wanted a site with my own results, I did know one thing. Wetheri looked like an idiot or pulled off the impossible I was absolutely going down swinging
This entire process was based on two programs that I now offer in a packaged deal for small business, I knew they were powerful and really gave Google everything it wanted and then some but I had no Idea the Digital Branding Solution mixed with Social Automation would hit this hard. Here is a link to the first Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/brandelbranding/posts/512295919101671
Honestly, I am not going to lie, there is no lose in me and I went absolutely nuts. I usually will work days at a time with out sleep or have gotten accustomed to sleeping and be living off only about three hours of sleep per night. But the first 48 hours was fireworks. I made a set of slideshow videos for youtube, on an assembly line and had two of my assistance just cranking out backlinks to them as I set them live. I was lucky with this one that a few years back I had already got the listing verified by Google and just had kind of forgot about it.
   After using a website silo set up and redirecting the new keywords up to the home page, I went to work on the social set up and was extremely picky with what choices I made. They had to already be ranking in relevant searches and had to be high DA sites. They also needed an option to interlink as many other blogs and social channels.
Needless to say, as soon as I linked the last two pages to make a social link wheel it was all over. It added insult to injury when I repressed all the blogs until launch then slowly launched every one, launching the blogs is the trigger in this social automation set. Every time I posted a blog each of the 80 citations and blogs in turn reposted with a link back to the site.
By the next morning we were ranking Had waited an extra day to check but looking back it was more like 24 hours I won’t claim that on this project but yeah I said it.
4 day later I had already pulled it off! take a look at the post update:
 Now, this is where the real money happens!  This honestly answers the follow-up statement from the first question. within days I got three lead forms filled out by local customers, see below and here is the results video:

 1000% increase in 5 different areas! 

3 forms 2 phone calls

What is the increase? I’d say about a 1000%.

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