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The Most Common Mistake Business Owners Make that is Keeping Them From Ranking on Google Maps

The main reason you are not currently ranking on Google maps

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Think Hyperlocal: Business owners mistakenly assume that they only need to make profiles on the popular socialsites and directories, this mindset is thinking productively. Of course, you want to be where you think people are looking but your real goal needs to bemaking your business legitimate in the eyes of Google. I tell you this from experience and testing you can take away everything and I mean every single social site out there and put a listingjust in the number one spot on google maps and that listing will produce enough revenue to survive. right now there are about 150 social sites, directories and blog platforms Google needs to see you on. The difficult thing about Google is, they also want to see absolute perfection in these listings and a perfect linking system between them.

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These social sites and citations must be set up in a specific way to target the audience you want coming to your website as well as how Google thinks they should be. So the question is do you have time to turn each of these into a perfectly optimized citation for Google? Another question would then be, do you know your consumer and marketing enough to turn these citations into lead converting machines? What if there was a way to control all these listing after they have been set up with the push of a button? I asked myself these questions until I finally went out and created these systems myself. Now The DIgital Branding Solution is born

We understand what Google is looking for and set your business up with the best possible online SEO foundation you could have. This alone will put you ahead of your competition and we are only on step one! We know what each citation needs to have in order to become a top ranking listing. I have put this into one convenient dashboard that then gives you the ability to post from all your social media sites plus 100s more with one easy to use trigger, this trigger can be anything from an email to a Facebook post. Do me a favor and check out this social automation machine for yourself, we have literally changed the way local SEO is done and are currently holding over 1000 spot on google maps between 5 clients. Click Here to learn more about the digital branding solution.

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