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What Is Social Automation? Phoenix SEO Dana Brandel Answers

Introducing Social Automation by Brandel Branding

Introducing for the for the first time, Social automation! Click here to schedule a 10 min time slot with me, leading SEO expert Dana Brandel. I always offer free advice to anyone who has questions or wants to have a discussion in general.


What is Social Automation?

Social Automation or syndication is a connection between social media channels. This connection lets you post to one account lets say Facebook for example. You post that you are currently available for service, call now! then add a link to your website. this then kicks in the automation shooting it out to all social media accounts. they then each post the same special. Having a social media presence is not only important for client engagement but all things SEO.

How does social media help SEO and getting to the top of Google?

The purpose of social automation is user engagement but behind the scenes, this process is like throwing gasoline on your SEO program. not only are you creating a social buzz about your business but most of these platforms will provide a “Do Follow link” directly back to your website. Google loves user engagement and links.


Click Below to Schedule some time on My Calendar! Ask me anything you want with a 10 min time frame, Advice is free! Or book a demo and see the power Social automation can have on your business!

What are the Benefits of Social Automation?


  •  TIME-SAVING TECHNOLOGY! you don’t have time to hang out and post on every single social platform all day. this is a one and done shot to get your message out.
  • SEO DRIVEN PROGRAM! Google loves 2 thing social sparks or people talking about you online and second backlinks to your Google map page and website. This system will include both!
  • MASS SCALE! If you have ever worked with me or the team standing next to me you know if we do something we do it in mass scale. Our current program will have over 150 sites and blogs attached!
One Post from your Facebook or Twitter account becomes 150 posts out to social sites letting your current customers know you are here and relevant. Learn more in this quick video or schedule some time with me or my team today.
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