How I Ranked an Attorney's Page in 24 Hours and Converted a Client in 4 Days.

The Data, Proof and Testimonial of Carissa Jakobe, Mendoza Jakobe Law

Step by step local ranking process

Plain and simple this is a case study showing the skill of my SEO team, the power of any SEO program for attorneys and the power of social automation. What this sums up is simple, I built this page on "sexual exploitation of a minor" This page was built to rank fast and convert targeted clients.

Step #1 Key Word Research
Step #1 Key Word Research

The first thing that needs to be made clear is I do not rank pages for vanity. When my team and I go after positions in a market it because not only is there traffic, but that traffic is looking to convert.

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Step #2 Create a Blog Page
Step #2 Create a Blog Page

This particular Page has to be set literally to rank your key word and your key word only. The trick is to implement it in a way that when the client finds it the want to buy.

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Step #3 Backlink the proper pages
Step #3 Backlink the proper pages

The case study shows plain and simple this method works. In some cases, just our Digital Branding Solution and Social Automation is enough in some markets. Phoenix, on the other hand, takes SEO Muscle.

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We got the article live on the site, 4 days later she was signing the contract. This is not the first time......

My SEO work pulled off feats that are not just impressive but most of the time considered impossible in this industry:

  •  Another client, also an attorney, is currently on the first page 66 times in PHX, for very sought after, SEO keyword for attorneys. We have held these positions for over 6 months.
  • I cracked the google maps code! I have over 250 1st place positions held on google maps!
  • I prove my tactics work before I offer them to you. Technically, I own 12 window tinting businesses, 5 moving companies, and 7 carpet cleaning companies. All of them hold first page positions and all of them direct calls to me.
  • This means I have Live ROI DATA and I want to share it with you.

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Review for Dana Brandel and Brandel Branding

I am a very demanding professional and I have high expectations not only of myself but of others. Dana has met all of my law firm’s needs in order to expand our client base and has done so in a hand-holding, step-by-step manner due to the complex nature of internet marketing. Dana happily answered all of my questions, all the way down to the minute details. I can do my job without having any concerns about my website or marketing with Brandel Branding handling my account. I highly recommend Dana Brandel and his team whether it comes to creating and launching an ad campaign from the very beginning, or coming into the middle of a mess to fix someone else’s mistakes and turn that business around in order to yield successful results.

I was referred to Dana Brandel by a trusted colleague and friend with over 10 years in the practice of law. I consulted with Dana by telling him who I was, where I was at in my career and the focus of my practice. I also conveyed to Dana my reputation in the legal community. Keeping all of that in mind Dana created my brand and pushed me to the forefront as the face of my new law firm. Dana then focused on creating my website consistent with my image and my brand. My website is run and maintained by Brandel Branding and has been highly successful in obtaining clients in a very competitive area of the law. He has single handly directed clients to me within the marketplace by pushing my brand my reputation so that the public would know who I was and what I stand for.