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I will personally run a full SEO & Website audit for you today.

I will also personally walk you through the results.

Free webiste audit by Dana Brandel Branding

I want to help you succeed online, I want advertising to be a conversation that makes business owners smile again, I want to find out why you are not making massive amounts of revenue online, then draw you the road map to get there. Let’s start with a free website audit! I’ll then personally set a time to walk you through the results: https://brandelbrandel.lpages.co/freewebsiteaudit/

What Can You Expect in an SEO Audit?

  • Missed Revenue Opportunity I can show you some keyword your self and the competitors might not even know are being searched. 9/10 times I am able to find some kind of key word or loophole where with some adjustments we can put you in front of direct buying customers.

  • Current Site Results: How many people found your site last month? How many keywords does google bring you up in search for? How many back links do you have? how many should you have? This is your chance to check up on your current ads program or map out the path for a brand new one.

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