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How to sell Rank and Rent sites, Video By Dana Brandel

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How to sell your first rank and rent site

The leading problem for SEO startups today is not so much learning how to get to the top of Google or even generating leads, but instead selling these leads or services to clients. My name is Dana Brandel Branding. I am the CEO and SEO of Brandel Branding Inc; Not only have I been running marketing companies for the last 15 years, I am also currently the top SEO for attorneys in the state of Arizona. I was raised by a family of salesmen, and I have been a student of sales since I made my first commission. I have specifically sold advertising, digital marketing, SEO, PPC for the last ten years. More information on selling Rank and Rent SEO How to sell Seo services with Rank and rent and lead generation If you need help closing deals and want me to work with you or your reps. I can show you how I maintain a 93% closing rate on SEO A 95% upsell rate on my current programs I closed just under a million dollars for yelp in less than 2 years.

In this video, I am not going to show you how I built 28 a sites rank and rent system that took over an entire state and has over 12 separate first place rankings on Google Maps as well as thousands of keys words ranked in that state. Instead, I am going to show you how I took clients converting off the site and packaged a new system which I use to sell a single client contracted to all 28 sites. You can find and study SEO, digital marketing and rank and rent SEO on any of my other videos listed below.

What we are focusing on here is how to sell SEO and digital marketing services to any local business. Bringing value to the clients and much-needed revenue to an SEO startup.

If you can't sell yourself or your product you will never scale yourself or your product.


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