The Death of Click Funnels

If we cant learn from history, we are doomed to suffer its mistakes. Is this the end of Facebook ads?

I hope everyone who jumped in for the funnel craze took the time to learn SEO. If not I give it 90 days before your out of work. I just downloaded Facebook Local on the App Store, and after working three years at Yelp and knowing the inside and out of local search directories, Facebook Local is going to be a game changer, for consumers. I am going to let you on a little secret about marketing companies and evaluations.

Most clients will ask a PPC ads company or magazine why they have to sign for a year or 6 months. The standard sales objection you will hear 99% of the time is “Good advertising takes time, you cant judge a program by its effectiveness in the first few months.” and like most consumers, you will eat that up and move forward. The truth is a marketing company has no physical property or value besides its database and clients. If a client were to spend 1000 per month on Facebook Ads, then that client is only worth $1000 in a company evaluation.

Now if that same client is on a year contract at $1000 per month, that client then becomes worth 12k in an evaluation sense. Facebook already cut back massively on dark post, last time I checked I could not even get to. My guess is pixels will be the only thing they will sell through Facebook within three months, and all as revenue is going to be geared toward cross-selling into the local market. This will have them competing with Yelp and other directories. This will force all the $20 ad budget spenders into real programs. This is just a guess based on what I would do but honestly, why would you start an entire industry based on a fly by night idea. I mean landing pages have always been a great tool but to have a system solely based off running other methods does not work, especially when one disappears.

The main thing this wild, 15 years, digital marketing ride has taught me is the only thing constant, online is change. If you can’t pivot an entire agency overnight, it gets yanked out from under you. This boils down to “marketers” chasing their own million dollar dreams. Finding the quickest way to your endgame, primarily in and out and then creating statistics to back up the facts as to why it will work.

You need to be delivering value not statistics to your clients, if you are working short-term success, you will always lose the long-term game. No matter what anyone tells you there is no jump in and make 100k a month overnight system, the only people that ever make that kind of thing happen in any industry are the people that pray off the blood of entrepreneurs chasing the overnight, success, bullshit dream. Yes, I am directly referring to the Thai Lopez’s of the world, shots fired, come at me.

You didn’t make a grip of money being a marketing god or entrepreneurial genius, In fact, I am quite sure you would google what ROI stands for if we were having a conversation on returns and advertising. You made money off selling an overpriced program, targeting other desperate marketers drooling over the overnight millionaire dream as well. The most natural sell in the world is to a hungry sales person, this has been happening every generation and has no signs of stopping.

Hoover did it to the original door to door vacuum salesman, and it’s all been downhill from there. Avon, Mac, Joel Olstine and every other pansy scheme out right now that is set up to look like a goldmine for every hungry sales person looking for overnight success. Like the greedy salesman before them, they will bust there entire family savings nut on the product or startup. I’m calling it now; now Facebook Flips its ad campaign 100% to Facebook Local.

Your funnels lose power and everyone flocks to Youtube. The only problem will be no one took the time to learn SEO, especially local citation SEO. If this applies to you, feel free to call my agency) will rank every one of your videos. As they climb up search and you can no longer charge your customers 1/10 for what real SEO is worth. Youll is stuck, just like your mother before you, with an entire bag of overpriced makeup nobody wants, right as the Tupperware party era ends and you have no one to sell too….ouch.

You could always use it to paint your face like a clown and blow up balloon animals at kids parties……my suggestion is to get to Moz and crack open link building for beginners and get to Learning, if you need help, I am always open for FREE ADVICE.

Local Seo, The Digital Branding Solution

I’ll end with this; I won’t laugh or ridicule a single person or agency that jumped on the SEO is dead bandwagon, when they come crawling back. Seo is not a single form of marketing like a click funnel, it is the understanding and optimizing for algorithms. Algorithms are numbers in sequence. Until the day all programs stop using algorithms to run their whole damn systems. SEO is going nowhere and will continue to develop. Artificial Intelligence is just based on algorithms; Facebook local is algorithms, Yelp is algorithms. It’s all SEO and SEO is all about beating the system to get in front of the target market at the time they are ready to buy. At the end of the day as long as people are buying things and using digital products there will be SEO. Honestly, think about it like this; The first person to use search optimization is the guy who changed his business name and put an A1 in front of it so he could rank #1 in local phone book searches. I tip my hat off to that guy for starting this whole crazy thing.


About the author: Dana Brandel Branding is the CEO and SEO of Brandel Branding Inc.  Specializing in Rank and Rent, lead generation and SEO For Attorneys. He currently has over 1000 top 3 rankings just in the legal industry.
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