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The Digital Branding Solution, SEO Done Right For Local Business

Google Citations perfectly stacked and optimized
4 products one packaged solution:
Social site automated for back-linking and autoposting
The Digital Branding Solution, Click Here!
 Local Listing

Local Listing

The backlinks of local search, We hand pick citations and Listings relevant to your strategy and optimize

Social Automation

Social Automation

A one button trigger that you are in control of now lets you post, fuel and backlink the circle we have already built.

The Google Stack

The Google Stack

We optimize Google Properties and make Google to want to rank you.

Digital Brand Kit

Digital Brand Kit

You need professional branding everywhere your business is listed and we are the ones to do it for you.

Pushing The Boundaries of SEO

Full Service Customized Lead Generation And SEO by Dana Brandel at Brandel Branding
The Digital Branding Solution is Here!

The most important part of any Businesses online presence:


Dana Brandel

My name is Dana Brandel and I'm the driving SEO force behind Brandel Branding. My ability to drive revenue is a personalized experience not a cookie cutter package. I completely evaluate and diagnose markets and deliver customized ground breaking marketing campaigns. Plain and simple I turn search into revenue. Although I don't offer SEO packages to everyone, I offer free advice to anyone. Click to schedule 10 minuets of my time.

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Our Three Step SEO Program

A Cutting Edge SEO Technique packaged and ready for local businesses.

Step 1

Complete Online Foundation

Local Citations and Social Sites

We claim hundreds of local, relevant citations to ensure Google will find you everywhere. Many business owners mistakenly assume that they only need to make profiles on the popular social sites and directories, but this is mostly for making your business legitimate in the eyes of Google.

These social sites and citations must be set up in a specific way to target the audience you want coming to your website. We understand what Google is looking for and set your business up with the best possible online SEO foundation you could have. This alone will put you ahead of your competition and we are only on step one!

Step 2

Push Button Content Management

Update Your Sites Simultaneously

Now that you have hundreds of social sites and local citations to manage it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We understand that you are not in business to update hundreds of websites every time you have new content to put out. That is where Social Syndication comes in!

With Social Syndication you can update all of your sites at the push of a button. With one place to manage your entire online presence, you will be a force to be recorded within your industry.  Google will see how active you are and assume you must be an industry leader. This is a big boost that will help us get you to the first page of Google for your targeted key words!

Step 3

Lead Powered SEO

Customized Lead Driving Campaigns

Many SEO companies can get you website traffic, but at Brandel Branding that isn't good enough for us. We want your phone to ring, your inbox to fill up, and your schedule to be full with revenue generating activities. Our custom campaigns are built to position your business as the number one resource for what you do.

When your potential customers are asking questions on Google about problems you can solve, we ensure they are influenced to choose you. This is how many of our clients are on the first page of Google not once, but multiple times. No one can touch the results we can bring to you with our cutting edge SEO program.

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